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Join Me On A Health & Wellness Adventure 

Health & Wellness Coaching with Holly Pantano

Meet Holly

Health Coach 

I'm Holly, and I provide evidence-based Health and Wellness coaching. 

Holly Pantano Health & Wellness Coach

At Holly Health Coaching, I want to help you make the changes you want to see in your health. With over 10 years experience in Health & Wellness, I provide an approach based on proven, effective, data-driven and personalized methods. This approach focuses on creating sustainable lifestyle changes that will lead to what you thought might never be possible! With my training in sports medicine, public health, functional nutrition, health coaching, global health, and behavior change, as well my passion for empowering people, I will help you identify your health goals and work with you to create an action plan that fits your lifestyle.

What I Specialize In







Setting Health Goals

Lifestyle Changes

I started seeing Holly for health coaching and she was incredible to work with! She helped me set goals and gave me the encouragement I needed to try to meet them, while also being kind and fun to talk to! After the experience I feel more in control of my choices and

goals especially regarding physical health.

- Madi A.

I enjoyed 5 sessions with Holly. She was very helpful in teaching me ways to relax and to identify stress in my life. She encouraged me to focus on being the best me. I love that Holly is a very good listener and non-judgmental.

- Beth P.

I have really enjoyed my health coaching sessions. It was great to be able to verbalize and organize my goals. I had some recent health changes that required adjusting my meal prepping and a new approach to fitness. In just a few sessions , I was able to meet many of my goals that were set. I look forward to meeting with Holly again in another session.

- Hannah G.

Holly is attentive, thoughtful, and serene in our sessions. She's always willing to share info that is helpful to her clients, & will go above & beyond for those willing to put in the work with her. Amazing person for my first ever health coach.

- Marlon R.

Disclaimer: Any information obtained from this website does NOT substitute for the care of a physician and/or other healthcare provider and is not intended to prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure any illness, disease, or medical condition.

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