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  • Holly Pantano

How Does Health & Wellness Coaching Work?

I'm sure we've all seen an episode or 2 of "Biggest Loser" or some other weight loss TV drama, where people work with a team of professionals to lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, shows like that give us all the wrong ideas about weight loss, working with a coach, setting and meeting goals, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about staying within a certain weight....actually, living a healthy lifestyle looks very different for each individual! We all have different needs based on our genetics, environment, professions, experiences, etc. This is where working with a Health & Wellness Coach is beneficial. A Health & Wellness Coach is someone who is trained in behavior change techniques, that partners with you to encourage, explore, empower, and motivate you in achieving your lifestyle changes Health & Wellness goals.

So, How Does Health & Wellness Coaching Work?

Health & Wellness Coaching is a personalized process, where a certified Health & Wellness Coach facilitates discussion, exploring your unique needs, motivations, strengths, and insights to help you reach your Health & Wellness goals. This process involves an initial assessment, envisioning goals, tracking progress, celebrating wins, and maintaining new habits.

What Types of Things can Health & Wellness Coaching Help With?

Since the core of Health & Wellness Coaching is about changing behaviors, the opportunities are endless in what it can help with! Some examples include: diet changes and adherence, weight loss, physical activity/exercise changes, sleep hygiene, stress management, disease lifestyle support, healthier lifestyle, meal planning and prepping, mind and body connection, and more.

What if I Don't Know Where to Start With My Health Goals?

No problem! The first few sessions focus on creating a "vision". This is where you get to dream about your best and healthiest self. We take time to envision what that looks like for you, and we strategize together, how to make small changes and reach your goal in no time!

What if I am Having Trouble Reaching My Goals?

This is something that everyone experiences when making changes and setting goals. Using behavior change techniques, we work through tough goals together, setting you up for success.

Any more questions? Let's connect!

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